Big Hands Conference 2000

Japan Cultural Center Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand 2002/10/12- 11/2

Big Hands Conference
Bangkok, Thailand 2000

Ichi Ikeda held Big Hands Conference in Bangkok where canals used to run through the city like cobwebs and was called friendly Water Capital. At first, he addressed himself to the audience, We have a high regards for Thai culture which keeps long history of the Water Culture represented through preservation of symbols on water. Taking consideration of our future, scoop up water in the flat of your hands. Your hands full with the 'Future Water' must be just a 'Big Hand’ extending towards the future.'

In the center of the gallery for the conference, you meet the big table cloth with enlarged image of Ichi Ikeda’s hands scooping up water. And seeing closely, you can find the main subject of conference 'Water for the Future' in the flats of his hands. 12 'Big Hands' surround the big table as if facing with the today’s environmental subject. And approaching more closely, each Big Hands is indicating information on the actual water problems as follows:

-----80 percent of the diseases in developing countries are still caused by contaminated water------Because of water pollution, 20 percent of species of fresh water fish are nearly to the point of extinction-----The diseases related to water are supposed to cause one child to die every 8 seconds---- and so on.
Through his performance at the opening day, Ichi Ikeda asked the participants to listen to the 'Voice of Water'
We the Peoples are to be born on the earth,
caressed in a cradle of water and growing
as it grows. All lives live in harmony.
The rivers flow to fertility and the soil rises to evergreen.

As the result, about 50 Thai peoples subscribed their names to the Water Senders Agreement, sympathized with continuous activities for the 'Water for the Future'. Hopefully the Big Hands Conference will be frequently held here and there in the world.

The conference table covered with enlarged image of Ichi Ikeda’s ‘Big Hand’
Water for the Future, the main subject in the first Big Hands Conference held in Japan Cultural Center Bangkok, Thailand 2000
(photo: Aroon Peampoon sopon)
Warning on the water problems floating in the "Big Hand’"-----

----80 percent of the diseases in developing countries are still caused by contaminated water-----

action for Bangkok Water Station
A journey called Water-Ekiden for forwarding Water for the Future, most precious resource, to the next generation.
After 50 years from now, it is supposed, number of people suffering seriously from shortage of 'water' will reach to 66 countries, two third of the population of all the world. Being worried over this serious water problem on our future and having a high regard for long history of the Water Culture in Thailand represented through preservation of symbols on water, Ichi Ikeda produced video work ’Bangkok Water Station’. This video ‘Bangkok Water Station' will ask all viewers; "Join in the long-distance relay called “Water Ekiden” to forward 'water', one of the most precious resources, to people living on the Water Planet in the future."