Yogyakarta 2002

The town 'Yogyakarta', located in almost center of Java island in Indonesia, retains traces of the traditional dynasty culture. In such traditional atmosphere, Cemeti Art House is leading the cntemporary art movement in Indonesia. On May 2001 when Ichi Ikeda had his artist-talk there, he promised to hold his exhibition of installation by using the old well in the courtyard of Cemeti Art House.

And keeping his word, Ichi Ikeda realized the WaterArt exhibition entitled "Water's-Eye" on October 2002. As you maybe know, Bird's-Eye indicates a perspective seen from above as if by a flying bird. Standing on association with Bird's-Eye, Water's-Eye might be grasped as a perspective seen through flowing water. Looking in the well still used in daily life, it is like a magnifying lens for Water's-Eye view.

Visitors, walking into the gallery through the entrance reconstructing the used local house, can see three bamboo rafts united into oneness as the main part of Ichi Ikeda's installation. They may put a question to themselves, "these rafts will fall into the well and go towards the underground?" or "they will ascend from the well towards the sky." Several stones hanging from both ends of rafts are keeping balance between two conflicting moments. Ichi Ikeda gave three rafts the names of three rivers flowing through Yogyakarta; Sungai Winongo, Sungai Code and Sungai Gajar Wong. These names were helpful in supposing the real relation between the well in Cemeti Art House and three rivers.

Heri Dono, Indonesian contemporary artist, talked to Ichi Ikeda, " Volcano in the North is a symbol of the male. And caves studding in the South area of the city is known as a symbol of the female. ThatŐs why water is flowing from the North towards the South."
Three rafts is about to fall into the well or to go up from the well?
Installation-02 12 Waters Circulating in Big Hands
When translating 'water' into Indonesian, 'air' is right.
In Yogyakarta too, more than 20 peoples participated in taking photos of Water SenderŐs Identification. These photos were displayed on the wall as a part of the installation. And these, together with photos taken at several Asian cities, will be exhibited in many sites in the future, hoping to expand movement for art networking beyond different cultural backgrounds. You might not feel any difficulty to find a key for joining Asian Water Art Channel (AWAC) presented by Ichi Ikeda.
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