Lake Sagamiko Water Project 2001

The First Supper for Water Senders

Lake Sagamiko Cultural Communication Center
Kanagawa, Japan 2001/3/2- 24

The First Supper for Water Senders
Lake Sagamiko Art Project 2002

Sagami Dam, located in about 50 kilometers west of Tokyo, is well known as one of the oldest multi-purposed dams in Japan. When Sagami Dam was constructed 1946, next year after the Second World War , Lake Sagamiko made its appearance. Since then, Lake Sagamiko has been utilized as the important resource of water for supplying water for daily life, for industry and for farming.
Keeping weight on the role of the resource of water supply, Ichi Ikeda started two years’ water project in collaboration with the Lake Sagamiko Cultural Communication Center standing by the lake.

Ichi Ikeda said, “ There’s just a site for holding the First Supper which begin in ‘water’ and end in ‘water’. As the first program of the First Supper, I tried to have interviews with 12 peoples who have spent long time with ‘water’ of the water resource. And I heatedly call them ‘Water Senders from Water Resource’. Their talks was just ‘voices of water resource’.

Entering into the gallery of the center, visitors to the First Supper come to meet ‘voices of water resource’; voices through video documentation, voices in the water tray on the table and voices through computer on the chair. Some one appeals, “The shape of the river was altered too artificially.” Another man grieved, “The river had already died.” And younger person insisted, “Therefore the dam must be just a checkpoint.”

----These interviews, different from ordinary way of art, were very effective for the exhibition. That will be the reason why Ichi Ikeda is aiming to realize not ‘Future of Art’ but ‘Art for the Future’ ----(Newspaper “Sagami Keizai Simbun”, March 20, 2002)

Each supper tray on the table is having one of 12 waters which will be suggestive of water circulating over the Earth. With which water among 12 waters will your supper begin ?

a supper of twelve waters
- sky - cloud - rain - mountain - woods - earth - water - pond - lake - river - sea - air -

The First Supper must be not special for 12 Water Senders but open for all people. Many visitors, after having listened to the ‘voice of water resource’, wrote down their own ‘voice of water’ on the plastic sheets and left them on the wall of the gallery. The First Supper began to function as a kind of the communication center for creating the “Water for the Future.”