Future Compass
80,000 liter Water Box in Kaohsiung
2003 Kaohsiung International Container Art Festival

2003 YۉݟCYp߁ipj
'Star of the Sea' pier area, Kaohsiung harbor, Taiwan
December 12, 2003- January 11, 2004

I make sure that water-civilization having deep e districts suffering from lack of water or for 1000 people living on the future earth. Rerelations with global environmental problem must be one of the most important clue to direct towards post-civilization. Based on this belief, I suggest to realize container art project entitled '80000 liters Water Box', aiming that this art project in Kaohsiung will function as the starting point for forwarding 'water for 1000 people' to sommember that "80 liter" implies "Water as Basic Right" indispensable to daily life of all people living on the Earth.This is to transform the containers into '80000 liter Water Box' which can store water dispensable for the daily life of 1000 people.
The '80000 liter Water Box' invites viewers to be 'Water Senders' forwarding 'water', one of the most precious resources, to all the people living on the future earth, beyond troubles originating from differences between cultures, nations or religions. This must be just a compass which can learn about what to do for the future. Please take part with your water in 80,000 liters Water Box and call this containers 'Future Compass' more familiarly.

Future Compass consists of two bars(containers)

bar N-S of Future Compass (N-S container)
Emerging into N-S container of '80000 liter Water Box', you can find function of '80 liter Water Boxes' expressing 'water' necessary for spending one persons life per a day. When knowing about the fact that three fourth of all population all over the world cannot use only 50 liter water or less, you will learn about the existence of 'Water as the basic Human Right'. This standard water box will encourage you to guess the volume of water necessary for 1000 peoples. We call this section N-S container for 'Where to direct?'.

bar W-E of Future Compass (W-E container)
Almost all wall under marked Water Level will be occupied by photos of Water Senders hands. These photos called familiarly 'Big Hands' are showing the active moment for scooping up 'water' and handing 'water' to next person as like the relay runner. And then you can find that these 'Big Hands' was collected among Water Senders in various cities: Tokyo, Okinawa, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta and so on. Your 'Big Hands' are expected to forward 'Water for the Future' to the next person. That is why bar W-E will be called container for 'What to do?'.

You also will have good opportunity to spend your daily life as a member of 'Water Senders' forwarding water to the next generation.