Lake Sagamiko Water Project 2003

The Time in Water Village

Lake Sagamiko Cultural Communication Cemter
Kanagawa, Japan 2003/3/1- 23

Water Station in Mountain Village The Time in Water Village

Developing from “the First Supper for Water Senders 2002”, "The Time in Water Village” was prepared as 2003 project of Lake Sagamiko Water Art Project.
One of the methods approaching to the ‘Water Village’ was to find a unoccupied house in the neighboring area of the lake and transform it to a kind of ‘Water Station’. On the recommendation of Lake Sagamiko Cultural Communication Center, a vacant house was borrowed on the edge of the mountain village where extends along a clean stream flowing into the lake. For half a year Ichi Ikeda had exciting opportunities to challenge to transform an ordinary house into the Water Station dealing with the ‘Water for the Future’.

Installation of Water Village Through these experimental days, his original idea of the ‘Water Village’ took gradually concrete shape. Some important factors for visualizing Water Village were fixed as follows:
The time in Water Village corresponds to the cycle of water circulating on the Earth. It’s might be a standard of the time for those who exist on the water planet and live in harmony with water.
*In case of the exhibition in Lake Sagamiko Cultural Communication Center, an installation “Water Village” consists of 12 structures called ‘Water Houses’. And these structures are located in a circle as if the face of the clock. This might be a basic unit for thinking of “The time in Water Village”.
*Each Water House was constructed in a high-floored structure, committing itself to circulating system of natural water between the air and the ground.

‘Water Village’ might be regarded as a kind of story which encourage people to foster imagination for our future we are seeking for seriously.
All visitors in ‘Water Village’ must be welcomed as a writer of the story or a character appearing in the future story.

inner of Water House
A day of ‘Water for the Future March 9, 2003
A day of ‘Water for the Future’

* announcement of “ideas for living with water” gathered during a couple of months
*introduction of stories on 12 Water House
*taking photographs of Water Senders in Sagamiko