Gosford Water Channel

Dawn Light Symposium
Gosford Regional Gallery, Gosford, Australia

Dawn Light Symposium
indoors exhibition
9/16-10/23 ,2005
outdoors exhibition
9/24-10/23, 2005
Gosford Regional Gallery
36 Webb Street, East Gosford
Tel. 4325-0056
See the "water-globe."

When I walked along the seaside near the Gosford regional Gallery, I remembered some sentences of my writing in the brochure of the "Asia Edge 1996/Tokyo" exhibition.

---It is an opening to the earth,
perceived on a human scale.
And our guides are the "Edges" - the artists.
Let us unwrp and discover their striking lives
(their activities, their works).
Their beings as "Edges", so intertwined
with the serious issues of identity,
historical background, and social issues.
Let us head for the opening to the earth, that appears and disappears beyond their beings.
In place of the overly energy-focused
We start to see the "water-globe"
and feel its breath.----

Inspired my imagination from the "water-globe", I started to create my art works for the outdoor exhibition. Pieces of scenery extending in front of my eyes must be parts of the "water-globe". And I put the tap into points in several sites: in the sea coast, in the sands, on the grass etc.

3 artworks for the Gosford Water Channel
outdoor exhibition:
80 Liter Water Box onto the Earth
You're Water Watcher.
indoor exhibition
Time Voyage to 2025
80 Liter Water Box onto the Earth made by sand
80 Liter Water Box made by white sands surrounding the box look as if united into one body.
80 Liter Water Box praying for water from the heaven

You're Water Watcher.
Walk from one tap to another tap and find 'your water channel.'




After putting the tap into the earth, I took a photograph of it. During the outdoor exhibition, photographes of the tap have been displayed just on the same point of the "water-globe."

indoors exhibition
Time Voyage to 2025
Japanese artist Ichi Ikeda with his water conservation-inspired artwork
September 23, 2005

----An art symposium with 20 international artists, which began on Saturday, has been working to create the world class exhibition."!
The aim of Dawn Light is for the installation-based artworks nd performances to depict cultural values associated with nature.
Japanese artist Ichi Ikeda, like the other visiting artists, spent the week creating an outdoor work, which will be unveiled tonight at the gallery.
Ikeda chose a series of photographs of hands cpped full of water as an offering to future generations to portray the Central Coast's water shortage.
"After 20 years, it's reported that 48 countries will suffer from a serious water shortage," he said. "Here we are scooping the water to spend it out to future generations."------

48 joint-hoses prepared for 48 countries whih are predicted to suffer from serious water shortage after 20 years