Water Trunk 2025
Kyoto WaterArt Project
Honen-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan
July 1-10, 2005
Notice on "Water Trunk 2025"

According to what my staff said, viewers more tan 20 countries visited the assembly hall of Honen-in to see the exhibition "Water Trunk 2025". During my exhibition, I put up the following handwritten notice on the wall of the entrance.

I'm suggesting an art project on "Water for the Future" as an Eco-artist using chiefly water, one of our most important resources.
"80 liters of water" implies "Water as Basic Human Right", and is the minimum ration needed to support the daily life of each person living on the Earth, Water Planet.
Imagine life in 2025 A.D. when 48 countries on the Earth are projected to suffer from serious water shortage.
Aiming to carry "Water for the Future" to people in these countries. "Water Trunk 2025" will be brought here and there with hope to collaborate with people who are striving for our future.
And three wooden "Water Trunk 2025" are just placed in the Honen-in Temple. When three trunks are opened, you can find 48 faucets for directing #Water for the Future" towards 48 countries.
The "Water Trunk 2025" project invites viewers to be "Water Senders" forwarding "Water for the Future" beyond conflicts originating from differences between cultures, nations and religions.

about Honen-in

This small, secluded Jodo temple named after its founder, Honen, escapes most of the crowds at the nearby Silver Temple and is an oasis of serenity tucked up in the forested eastern hills. As you enter through the thatched, wooden gate, a pair of lovely raked-stone gardens appear, whose designs are changed regularly by the monks. On the right is a small hall that is often used as an exhibition or event space. If the rear of the temple is open, you can cross the bridge over the carp pond and carry on to see an exquisite statue of Kannon, the Bodhisattva of mercy. Admission is free.
Information by Wcities
48 countries which are projected to suffer from serious water shortage on 2025 A.D.
Afghanistan Algeria Bahrain Barbados Belgium Burkina Faso Burundi Cape Verde Comoros Cyprus Egypt Eritrea Ethiopia Ghana Haiti India Iran Israel Jordan Kenya Kuwait Lebanon Lesotho Libya Malawi Malta Mauritius Morocco Niger Nigeria Oman Peru Poland Qatar Rwanda Saudi Arabia Singapore Somali South Africa Korea Tanzania Togo Tunisia Uganda United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Yemen Zimbabwe