Groundworks in Ichi Ikeda 2005
Water Ekiden
Regina Gauger Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
Exhibition: October 14 - December 11, 2005
Monongahela Conference: October 15, 16, 2005
campus of Carnegie Mellon University
Ich Ikeda's Paper / The Monongahela Conference
Water's-Eye View
a new perspective on social and natural systems seen through Water Ekiden

Aiming to work steadily towards an ecologically sustainable future, I've realized a series of art projects on "Water for the Future" as an artist using chiefly water, one of our most precious resources. Water Ekiden is a long-term art project to unite these water art projects and to create relay (networking) system extending fourth dimensionally- time and space.
It is no exaggeration to say that an original perspective which I describe as the Water's-Eye View must function as the driving force behind this long-term art project Water Ekiden.
Compared with Bird's-Eye View seen from above as if by a flying bird,
I can define that Water's-Eye View is a kind of viewpoint commanding a
correlated view between social system and natural system. In illustration
of communicating significance and possibility of Water's-Eye View, I'd like to refer to the two case of the Water Ekiden which I developed and am developing along the rivers: one of the rivers, Manosegawa River flowing across rural area, and another river, Shibakawa River flowing in the center of the city. In any cases, our initial works in the Water Ekiden start from creating Water Station for functioning as a starting station of the Water Ekiden.

Regina Gauger Miller Galery
Ichi Ikeda's installations in the GROUNDWORKS
#1 Water Ekiden presentation
#2 warnings scooped up by Water Senders
Water Ekiden
warnings scooped up by Water Senders