Earth Taps Container
Kaohsiung International Container Art Festival 2007
Sustainable Cosmopolis: Eco-container Art Project
Neiweipi Cultural Park, near Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

organozed by Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

production: November 23-30. 2007
exhibition: December 8, 2007 - January 13, 2008

--- Find navels of the water planet---

We live on the water planet. But a tap (faucet) in our home doesnÕt remind us of the precious water on the water planet in spite of serious climate change invading all over the earth. Now we all need to filly realize how important the movement of water on our water planet is under the situation of water shortage expanding over many countries.
This water-container entitled the ÔEarth TapsÕ describe the importance of water under your feet and shows from where and to where water under your feet should flow as follows:
œ from whereiinputj: Hoping to realize that all spots on the earth
is just a storage for precious water, I collected the photos (called navels of water planet) of taps inserting into various natural environments and shows the importance of water stored in natural environments under your feet. All viewers visiting to the exhibition can have opportunities to find where some ÔnavelsÕ are located in the Neiweipi Area because the Earth Taps container include lots of photos taken in the Neiweipi Area.
œ to where (output): In order to make clear where the Earth Taps container is directing, the exterior and interior of the container are divided by blue lines vertically and horizontally. A square (43cm~43cm) divided by blue lines is a side of the box with 43 cubic centimeters in volume. When entering into the interior of the container, you look at the actual box with 43 cubic centimeters (that is, 80 liters in volume) and soon you will find the fact that the Earth Taps container looks like assembly of 80 liters Water Boxes. An average person needs 80 liters of water a day to survive. Figure out how many Ô80 liters Water BoxesÕ the Earth Taps container can contain. And all viewers will surely grasp the Earth Taps container as the Eco-container for transporting the precious 80 liters of water for 412 peoplesÕ suffering seriously from water shortage
the inside of Earth Taps Container
80 Liter Water Box constructed bt sand
Earth Taps Container moved to the exhibition site in Newweipi Cultural Park.
2007 Kaohsiung InternConational tainer Art Festival "Sustainable Cosmopolis" went to on view in Genova, Italy from May 27 to June 8, 2008.
Container arts are just about to be loaded onto the crago vessel in the Kaohsiung harbor.

Artworks, still naked without any packing, are exhibited on the Indian Ocean.

Bon Voyage ! !