Moving Water Days 2007 for spreading ecological action
bamboo raft with a length of 100 meters
Kedogawa River Art Project Makurazaki City, Kagoshima, Japan
Makurazaki City
The purpose of te Moving Water Days 2007 was to 0pursue possibilities of society cirbulating between human life and nature yhrough uniting respective activities developing in different natural environment; that is, 'mountain' and 'river' and 'sea'.
At first we searched for waste bamboo grove and cut down extra bamboos for conservation of grove.
And next, using bamboos cut down, a construction of bamboo rafts started in the grounds of Kagoshima fisheries school.
After one month, the constructed bamboo rafts was brought to the mid-stream of the Kedogawa River.
On Sep.28, bamboo rafts with an overall length of 100 meters started to move towards the East China Sea. Crew on the raft kept rowing, hoping to be involved in an ecologically sustainable future.
directing '100 meters Water Line' towrds East China Sea
1st Day 9/28
transmitting water signals
2nd Day 9/29
Students of Kagoshima
fisheries highschool
the message
with semaphore flags.
3rd Day 9/30 forming water village 100 meterf bamboo rafts
was transformed into the structure what we call
Water Village by loading
bamboo huts and branches
of oak.
Directing again towards East China Sea, Water Village started to move!