Delhi's First Public Art Festival
48 Public. Art. Ecology.
2008 12/12~21 Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India
The festival's title, 48C Public. Art. Ecology, is thus an urgent reference to the exigencies of global warmingwhich can be felt in Delh's continuously escalating summer temperatures, as also to the frenzied paradoxes of citythat seems to be in perpetual, strident oerdrive, yet is also mutely violently, 'runnng on emoty'.

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Artistic Director and Curator:
Pooja Sood

To make something out of nothing --"Jugaad"(Hindi term)
Yamuna River
Someone say, River is Toilet

Water is a substance that does not conform to one's will and therefore becomes symbiotic and contains communicative qualities.

WATERPOLIS must be just a practical model for creating society that all people can exercise ones human rights equally on the environment surrounding them.
Hoping to grasp metropolitan Delhi as 'Waterpolis' where all people exist in equality with water, WATERPOLIS in Delhi is presented as the Future Water Vessel rowing in the stream flowing between Metropolitan Mega Dream and Community Aspiration.

as Future Water Vessel
WATERPOLIS is now lying at anchor in Chandni Chowk to assemble 'crews' fighting with serious water issues and conservation.
What you think is "public art"?

--- Nowadays when we are destined to live together with drastic change of ecological situation surrounding around our daily life, we must see things in perspective corresponding to an ecologically sustainable future. And then public art connected with our daily lives must be just characterized as a specific site in deep relations with ecological issues in the future. I often describes that my artwork can be likened to the magnifying lens for enlarging the opening of the future. Therefore, public art for me is not a monumental structure installed in the public space, but an open site where people can look for imagination necessary for those living on the future earth. If I need to change the way, that is to find more effective way to polish my magnifying lens as clearly as anyone can peep through.

WATER JOINT for extending Water Channel
'Water Joints' are literally appealing for urgent necessity to joint among water channels and to keep effective water sources
Arriving at WATERPOLIS from the Chandni Chowk subway station, a group of 'Water Joints' installed at the entrance catch your eye. When you look in
through the Water Joint,
you can meet hands of
Water Sender waiting for water,
not polluted water.
'Water Joints' are literally appealing for urgent necessity to joint among water channels and to keep effective water sources.
Explain what your project, Waterpolis, entails.

ICHI--- Undoubtedly water is one of the most precious resources on the earth. Water is absolutely indispensable for each people living all over the world. I emphasize the importance of grasping water as the right to live, fundamental human right. Waterpolis is like a vessel which anyone can get on board. So, future vessel on a voyage for searching new channels of coexistence and cooperation to span the diversities that furrow the world. Waterpolis is lying at anchor in front of the town hall on Chandni Chowk. We invite you to get on board Future Vessel. You be just a crew of Waterpolis. And go on a voyage for keeping fundamental human rights for all people living on the future earth.

Find out the water channel extending through your underfoot.

80 liters Water Box for Bandaged Water
as standard of the fundamental human rights
Walking along WATERPOLIS towards the Town Hall, several bandaged taps and water pipes appear in front of your eyes. These sick appearance remind you of the days when people had spent their lives without suffering from water shortage. You must study that lots of water channels must be treated immdiately. 80 liters Water Boxes placed in front of the bandaged taps are ready for receiving fresh water on some day in the near future.
What exactly will you be installing and why?
ICHI--- On the former water channel of the Mughal Dynasty, Waterpolis is installed as Future Vessel in an overall length of about 80 meters. Actually a vessel with five masts and sixty oars. I have to talk you about two kinds of loads taken on cargo. 80 liters Water Box is one of the most important components in Waterpolis. It says that one person needs to have 80 liters of water per day to maintain the standard of human life to some degree. 80 liters of water implies 'Water as Fundamental Human Rights' to support the daily life of each person living on
the earth. In case of developing my public art, this is one of common languages in the public eye. Water Joints are literally tools for connecting each water channels and expanding water channel towards those who are suffering from the shortage of water. When looking in the Water Joint, you find hands looking forward to having water as their fundamental human rights. And more are loaded on Waterpolis.
When will 'fresh water'
gush out from the bandaged taps?

Missing Earth Taps
All spots on the earth is just a storage for precious
water. Earth Taps shows the importance of water
stored in natural environments under your feet.
What develops through Waterpolis ?

ICHI--Waterpolis can transform ordinary place into imaginative site directing towards the future. Image that Waterpolis might change steadily depending on aspiration of public who I call residents of Waterpolis. People can walk around backpacking 80 liters Water Box and can bring various information on actual water channel to Waterpolis. Through these actions, Waterpolis will function as a kind of basement activated by inflow and outflow. Waterpolis as Future Water Vessel in Chandni Chowk might be defined expanding public art or changing public art.
Approaching to the masts in the WATERPOLIS, you must pay attention to the wooden boxes in strange shapes suspended by ropes. These boxes used to be just cubes constructed with six '80 liters Water Boxes', but now from them two pieces of '80 liters Water Boxes' are missing. Looking carefully at the space where '80 liters Water Box' disappeared, you notice that there are occupied by photos called 'Earth Taps'; that is, taps into plants, into soils and into water. Earth Taps are suggesting that '80 liters Water Box' may lie around your ordinary life.
Find 80 liters Water Boxes missing from this cubic structure.

Water Backpacking
placards + 80 liters Water Boxes + bacpacking tools
Turning around the former fountain in front of the Town Hall, you can look at ten pieces of 'Water Backpacking' including placards with various expression of hands scooping up water.
Row out into an ecologically sustainable future with "Loads of Water" !
Be just a crew of Future Water Vessel !

Let's start for seeking for water;
'WANTED missing water' or
'WANTED promising water'.
We are preparing tools for
backpacking '80 liters Water Box'.
Hey, crew !
What to carry by yourselfinto WATERPOLIS or out of WATERPOLIS ?
"Water is flowing into oneness beyond cultural, natural, religeous differences and dis agreements.", say crews.
Just the time to act !
We are ready whenever yoy are.