Shibakawa River Art Project 2008
Water Box Museum

Kawaguchi Art Gallery 'ATLIA'
Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Convert ordinary art museum into Water Box Museum connected strongly with global environment !
Water Box Museum where meets Art and Environment through what's called WaterArt
When I was requested by Kawaguchi City art Gallery to hold my individual exhibition, I insisted, what I have a great interest is not to display my artworks in te gallery, but to transform gallery space into Water Box Museum. I, as an adovocator of Water Box Museum, don't need to construct the structure of the museum at first. For Water Art Museum, it might be enough if any space exist for transformation. The structure of ordinary gallery or museum looks like a kind of shell which Water Box Museum can remain in to focus people's attention on important subject connecting Art and Environment. Ultimately, I imagine the day when closed Shibakawa River with toatl length of 5.8 kilometers can be transformed into immense Water Box Museum.
Ichi Ikeda 2008
Water Box Museum can work together with viewers through connecting various sections functionally.

Contents of Watr Box Museum in Kawaguchi City Art Gallery:
A. installation(1)--Moving Water Days
B. installation(2)--Asian Water Senders
C. installation(3)---Five Water Boxes
D. sound corner---- Voice of Water
E. book corner-----Unfolded Shibakwa Books
F. poster exhibits-- World of WaterArt
G. video corner---- Water Trust
H. activity corner--- Shibakawa River Water Map
I. workshop room ---Make your River! / Make Water Flag !

Moving Water Days
Who can carry '80 Liter Water Box' across troubled waters?
Where must '80 Liter Water Box' direcet towards ?

This artwork invites viewers to take part in some actions on Moving Water Days when people must move seriously beyond troubled waters to confront with water crisis .

80 liters Water Box on backpacking tool made by bamboos
Shibakawa Tiles
tiles with photos of pollutants in Shibakawa River
sand boots rubber boots covered with sand

Asian Water Senders
What kind of waer in your hands can be loaded towards the future?
We invite you to participate in Water Senders Movement for sending watr, one of the Eath's most precious resources, to all people living in the future regardless of cultural, national or religious differences and disagreements.

Five Water Boxes
80 Liter Water Box must be a standard of the fundamental human rughts for all people.
More than 80 liters or less?
50 liters Water Box 5 liters Water Box
1000 liters Water Box 324 liters Water Box 80 liters Water Box
Five Water Boxes continue to ask viewers as follows:
---It says that one person needs to have
80 liters of water per day to maintain the standard of life to some degree. But, according to the report, three fourth of the world population can use only 50 liters of water or less because of low water supplies. It is reported that some country people in Kenya are compelled to spend a day only with 5 liters of water. On the other hand, some people in the advanced countries use 1,000 liters of water per day because of watering the lawn and washing the car. Very wide gap between the water supplies. Through showing 80 lters Water Box as the standard, I will ask visitrs again, More than 80 liters or less ? Japanese people is informed to use 324 liters of water on average.

activity corner
Shibakawa River Water Map
book corner
unfolded Shibakawa Books
Write down your information on Water Map !
Ichi Ikeda work together with local community people to share the assumption that the river is not some gift given by the administrative organs , but is what's created by the local people themselves. And many information on Shibakawa River were collected on the Water Map displayed during the exhibiton.
Which book can you read through to inspire deeper understanding on troubled waters in Shibakawa River ?
1) WATER TRUST 2) Eco-ship Drive 3) not watr, but water
4) Shibakawa River Bed 5) Blue Card

poster exhibits
Ichi Ikeda's WaterArt World
photo & design by:
Tatsuro Kodama
Through a series of posters of Ichi Ikeda's WaterArt projects, waterr art projects involve vital forces that go across borders and expand forces that form links generating a new cycle of the human environment.