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A nationwide U.S. tour with the New York dance company, "Kei Takei's Moving Earth". In this run of 24 hour long performances, Ikeda takes charge of the environmental design.

In the marshes of a Florida river, 200 meters of cloth are dyed with mud and Earth-Line is made. During the 24 hour performance at the Minneapolis Walker Art Center, the cloth is placed in a pasture and "one more path" is created.

He is invited to participate in the 21st International Biennial of Sao Paulo. On the main stage he installs a 24mÅ~12m Floating Earth. In the host country of the Earth Summit, Ikeda's art offers new insights into the earth's environmental issues.

Floating Earth, in the 21st International Biennial of Sao Paulo, Brazil


He launched new environmental project entitled "Book of Water" and "Book of the Earth". Joining the specific energy of Tenkawa River(a River of the Heavens), he created 12 volumes authered by water, reflecting the respiratory system of the earth. Hoping that the rapid development would not bring about "Loss of Earth", he installed my huge work with two facing pages entitled the Book of Earth on the corner of developing area under rapidly changing environment. These "arts for fertilizing the earth"is still lasting .

Book of the Earth, on the ground of Chiba New Town, Chiba, Japan


He proposed a new concept "Waterhenge" for re-thinking of an energy source of Asian culture. If the stonehenge symbolize the stone civilization, the waterhenge make us recall energy circuit of what is called the water civilization. On November 1994, when he was invited as one of guest artists to the Japan Month for Contemporary Art Movement, he installed the first "Waterhenge" in the campus of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. It is "Waterhenge" which is activated at the connecting point of Thai culture and Japanese culture.

* Waterhenge: Bangkok, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


He is selected to one of the "12 artists in the world" who compose the art calendar in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, " The Message: We the people---". His message "The United Waters" in the UN art calendar is a proposal for seeing the water circulating over/under the earth from the water at his/ her foot.

In the Center for Contemporary Arts of Santa Fe (CCA) , New Mexico, he install about 650 concrete blocks bearing (scribed) the name of the river flowing over our planet. When rain falls, all the concrete blocks filled with water connects into " one river". "The United Waters" is the permanent installation there.

* The United Waters , Center for Contemporary Art of Santa Fe, U.S.A.


He realize International Art Forum "ASIA EDGE 1996/Tokyo through networking among Asian artists and explore further possibility for artistic exchange in the Asia-Pacific region. In the "Expanded installation by four 'Edges" as a main program of the "Asia Edge 1996/Tokyo", he presents this "Waterhenge: Tokyo" as "water energy circuit" activated through connecting with actual waters springing out from the cracks in the ground in Tokyo; that is, with the "Breathing of the earth". Wondering with imagination over the waterhenge or walking round on water energy circuit actually ?

* Waterhenge:Osaka, Index Gallery, Osaka, Japan


Starts the "Arcing Ark" project aiming to transfer water, one of the most precious resources, to people living on the Earth in the future. A 1997 project is developed as a joint-project between Kaseda and Taipei where locate on the opposite sides, north and south between the islands called the Ryukyu Arc. "Arcing Ark" is named with great hopes; the islands, stretching in an arched row geographically, will create the time-network for the future earth.

* Water Rejuvenating, Arata River, Kaseda, Kagoshima, Japan


Begins from gathering people what's called "Water Senders" who collaborate to carry water to the future earth. And next, aiming to create a flow of "Water for the Future" in the city, he launch "Water Market Project". "Water Senders" play the leading role during the exhibition of "Water Market". The first Water Market is open in the Cycle Art Gallery Kaseda 1998.

* Water Market , Livestock market, Kaseda, Kagoshima, Japan


Creates the stronger relations between "Ikeda Water" and actual water. In Hong Kong, his work "Hong Kong Water Market" installed just by the Victoria Harbor and another installation "Big Arrow" heading for the Water Clear Bay. And in Manila, outdoor installation "Water Ark Harbor" facing to the Manila Bay. Dynamics for the 'Art for the Future'.
Manosegawa River Art Project promotes its dynamics. He realize collaborative works "Water Ekiden" with people living in the basin of the Manosegawa River with an overall length of about 26km.alking round on water energy circuit actually ?

* Water Ark Harbor, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines


Held 'Big Hands Conference' in Bangkok where canals used to run through the city like cobwebs and was called friendly 'Water Capital'. At first, he addressed himself to the audience, "We have a high regards for Thai culture which keeps long history of the Water Culture represented through preservation of symbols on water." It was 'Water for the Future' as the main subject in the first Big Hands Conference held in Japan Cultural Center Bangkok, Thailand 2000. Hopefully the Big Hands Conference will be frequently held here and there in the world.

* Big Hands Conferece, Japan Cultural Center Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

Artist Profile