Water Symposium
Big Fingers Conference

South Seneca Central School, Ovid, New York State, U.S.A.
5/12- 22, 2006

Ichi Ikeda's lecture and discussion with students in the school room
The Finger Lakes are a set of 11 lakes, located in te middle of New York State between New York City and Niagara Falls. Each of the long, slender bodies of watr forms a striking resemblance to the fingers of a hand, and are narrow, roughly parallel lakes, oriented north-south as fingers of a pair of outstretched hands. These lakes all formed over the last two million years by glacial carving of old stream valleys.The larger lakes are Canandaigua, Cayuga, Owasco, Keuka, Seneca and Skaneateles. The smaller lakes include Canadice, Conesus, Hemlock, Heneoye and Otisco. These names reflect the region's rich Native American heritage, as they are Iroquois(Native American people that lived in this region) names for different tribes that settled in the area. Two of the lakes, Seneca and Cayuga, are among the deepest in North A,erica and have bottoms below sea level.
(extract from e-mail dated on March 1st, 2006, from Breana Copp, a teacher of South Seneca Middle School
According to Iroquois (Native American) legend, the Finger Lakes of west central New York were made by the impression of the hand of the Great Spirit Manitou. Big Fingers had forwarded water, one of the Earths' most precious resources, towards people living on the nowadays Earth. And now all people have to be 'Water Sender' sending 'water' to future generation, regardless of cultural, national or religious differences and disagreements.
Your fingers full with the 'Water for the Future' must be just a 'Big Fingers' extending towards the future Earth.

Standing on the above-mentioned thinking, I want to take the following matters seriously for plan of my installation in the Atrium.
1) considering connection with ‘Finger Lakes’
2) thinking of collaborative partnership between your students and
Asian students who I call Water Senders kids
3) putting stress on water cycle uniting Past-Now-Future

Finger Lakes
Two larger lakes in the center of the photo are Cayuga(right) and Seneca(left).
Ichi Ikeda beside the Ithaca Fall
After about 30 minutes' drive from Ithaca City, where Cornell University is located, you can reach to South Seneca Central School in Ovid town.
Big Fingers Conference consists of three parts:

* Water from the Heaven
* Water Senders Kid
* Water from the Earth / 80 liters Water Box

Water from the Heaven
installation of hands of Water Senders with water messages,catching 'water from the heaven'
*Part(1) two skylights
Water from the Heaven

Looking up towards the skylights, you can find the main subject of conference “Water for the Future” in the flats of Water Sender’s hands. And seeing hands through sunlight more carefully, each Water Sender’s Hands is indicating information on the actual water problems as follows:
-----80 percent of the diseases in developing countries are still caused by contaminated water------Because of water pollution, 20 percent of species of fresh water fish are nearly to the point of extinction-----The diseases related to ‘water’ are supposed to cause one child to die every 8 seconds---- and so on.

*material: translucent sheet of laminated photo
*size: a photo 85cm by 120 cm

Water Senders kids
installation for appealing importance of Big Fingers sending‘Water for the Future’ through Water Senders Kids
*Part(2) eleven columns
"Fingers forwarding water towards the future"
Water Senders Kids

Through previous exhibitions, I have continued to talk to viewers as follows; BE WATER SENDERS. Let us all be 'Water Senders', sending water, one of the Earth's most precious resources, to all people living in the future regardless of cultural, national or religious differences and disagreements.
As the result, more than 230 people in Asian region joined in Water Senders Movement. To certify that they are the Water Senders, I needed three identification photos;
*Face/Water: photo of the moment when raising your hear fast out of water
*Hand/Water: photo of the moment when scooping up in the flat of your
*Leg/Water: photo of the moment when water being poured over your legs
Hoping to develop partnership with your students, I selected photos of water Senders Kids including children in several cities of Asian region

* material: photos of face/hands/legs of Water Senders Kids’, wooden chairs, salt

*Part(3) in/on a planter
Water from the Earth
80 liters Water Box

‘80 liters Water Box’ is appealing simply that “water must exist as the fundamental human right for all people”. “80 liters Water Box” continue to ask viewers as follows;
------It says that one person needs to have 80 liters of water per day to maintain the standard of life to some degree. But, according to the report, three fourth of the world population can use only 50 liters of water or less because of 'low water supply.’ It is reported that some country people in Kenya are compelled to spend a day only with 5 liters of water. On the other hand, some people in the advanced countries use 1000 liters of water per day because watering the lawn and washing the car. Very very wide gap between the water supply. Through showing 80 liters Water Box as the standard, I will ask visitors,'More than 80 liters or less?'-------
* material: ’80 Liter Water Box’ + water tube
* size of box: 43cmĀ~43cmĀ~43cm cube
Water from the Earth / 80 liters Water Box
permanent installation for loading ‘water from the earth’ into ’80 Liter Water Box’