22nd International Festival Sarajevo
Sarajevo Winter 2006 / The Light

The United Waters in Sarajevo
Turkisch Cultural Center, Miljacka River
February, 2006

The first "Sarajevo Winter" Festival was held from 21th December, 1984 to 6th April, 1985.----The "Sarajevo Winter" Festival was not prevented from taking place even in the times of war, and has become a symbol of freedom, creativity and meeting with different cultures and civilizations of the world.----(extract from the catalogue)
A crossroad between West and East
The city of Sarajevo has been the site of three seemingly unrelated major events: World War I began there; the city was the host of the XXIII Winter Olympic Games; and it was a shattered center of ethnic conflict as Yugoslavia divides into separate states.

Why have these events taken place in Sarajevo? Located at a cultural crossroads between West and East, Sarajevo's history has been determined by its ethnic geography[1], by the presence of its three major ethnic groups and the relationships among them.
Having often seen numerous scars by gunfire on the wall of the building in the downtown of Sarajevo city, we the people should urge upon ourselves the necessity of prompt action for world peace.
commemorative picture as one of the opening ceremonies of Sarajevo Winter 2006

'The United Waters' project in Sarajevo winter 2006 consist of three programs as follows:

*Indoor installation [ The United Waters: We all be---]
*River project No.1 [ The U.W. towards peace]
*Outdoor performance No.2 [ Sceno-conductor ]
The diseases related to 'water' are supposed to cause one child to die every 8 seconds. Our water planet looks as if oceans which currents are whirling more chaotically. Imagine about 'lighthouses' that are expected to pilot our voyage towards the future. And I have been stating that we all be ‘Water Senders’. Let us all be 'Water Senders', sending water, one of the Earth's most precious resources, to the next generation living in the future regardless of cultural, national or religious differences and disagreements. Hopefully ‘Water Senders’ must function as some kind of ‘lighthouses’ lighting up unstable oceans.

We the Peoples are to recall our memories of places
through water which has been circulating
all over the earth,

and at the same time, to draw our attention to the fact
that our body has also been letting in and out water
for so many generations.

*Indoor installation
[ The United Waters: We all be---]
Turkish Cultural Center
2/8-14, 2006
exhibition "Change Concept" produced by Nine Dragon Heads
More than 250 people in Asian area have already registered for Water Senders, presenting photographs expressing definite relations between him/her and water: that is,, "your face with water", "your hands with water", "your feet with water". Selecting several photographs out of these Water Senders, I use them as main materials in my installation creating ‘The United Waters’. These Water Senders displayed on the wall are united into oneness by actual water bubbling. Hoping that we all be Water Senders, ‘The United Waters Charter’ will be given out to all viewers.

We the Peoples are to realize why Water,
that is so full of life to us, is our medium
for moving the borders, in everyday customs,
histories, various cultures and so forth,
simplifying to a profound exchange between
human being and human being
'UNITED WATERS' written in the soil on the music stand
11 Water Senders forwarding water to the futre. Under whose command will they be towards right future?
*river project [ The U.W. towards peace]

along Miljacka River flowing through the downtown
of Sarajevo
The old section of the sarajevo city exists along Eastern side of Miljacka River. Hoping to grasp the whole appearance of relations between the river and the human history, Ichi Ikeda waked in the snow with slippery surface along Miljacka River and left messages of U.W. or UNITED WATERS behind. And he took photographs of these vews wth messages of U.W., using special concave lens which he calls a kind of Water's-Eye. Ichi Ikeda says," Imagine newly-borned views of the city through Water's-Eye."
*Outdoor performance
[ Sceno-conductor ]
along Miljacka River
Hoping to make a appeal for world peace, Ichi Ikeda did his performance in Sarajevo city to conduct some messages rising from scenery with complicated history as if he be a conductor of orchestra.
Ichi Ikeda's message on music stand
The United Waters
We the people of the United Waters determined to save succeeding generations
from the shortage of water and to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights,----