Arcing Ark 1997

3 Kaseda-Bows of Arcing Ark

for loadig and carrying " water"essential for our future earth
Kaseda-Bow #01
Water Memorizing

These Kaseda-Bows were developed in the open-air exhibition "Cycle Art Gallery 1997/ Kaseda", Kagoshima, Jpan (Oct.10- Nov.9, 1997) and was realized as the first step of the long-term art project.

Manosegawa River flowing in the Kaseda city is generally known as one of important north ports in the East China Sea when floating trades between the East Asian countries had been very prosperous. And now what kind of water can you load on the Arcing Ark from the Manosegawa River? Hoping to think of this problem with all people in the community, Ichi Ikeda planned and produced three Kaseda-Bows for water in the past, at the present and in the future. Water Memorizing, Water Purifying & Water Rejuvenating.

Kaseda-Bow #02
Water Purifying
Kaseda-Bow #03
Water Rejuvenating

Open-air Exhibition
Cycle Art Gallery Kaseda 1997

Date: October 10th- November 9th, 1997
Sites: specific places in Kaseda, Kagoshima, Japan
by the river mouth of the Manosegawa River

* the branch of the Manosegawa River
* in the old stoned warehouse "Chojiya"

Organized by Cycle City Kaseda Development Associatio
Collaborated with "Southern Current" Project
Supported by Kagoshima Prefectural Government/ Kaseda City Office/ Kaseda Board of Education/ Kaseda Cultural Association