Action-Textile in Seoul
"Seoul-Yokohawa Contemporary Art" exhibition
Art Cosmos Center, Seoul, Korea
Performance: Feb. 16, 1987
Exhibition: Feb.16- 27, 1987

In each performances, Ikeda can express improvisedly various patterns of the "Action-Textile", depending on the characteristics of the site, the kinds of soils and water etc.
Ikeda's "Action-Textile" means action of sewing up a big canvas by himself; that is, handling his own body as the "needle" and plastic tubes wound on his body as "threads."
From the onset Ikeda sought after the country's earth and water. At the upper stream of the Hang River, at Yang Soo Lea, Ikeda gathered its cold water and red soil.

This was in preparation for his scheduled performance in a art exhibition entitled "Seoul-Yokohama Contemporary Art" to take place at the Art Cosmos Center, Seoul.

"This soil and water is the tip of an extensively long thread wihin Korea. And I, with my body, formed from the soil of Japan, am the needle to sew this thread."
Ikeda sew a piece of canvas 6m by 6m, with his body and render a performance called "Action-Textile."

Ikeda, the artist and performer, am like a fine, sensitive point in an electrical terminal that picks up the currents and dispatches them out-these never to arise again "events."
scoop up 'water' from the lake
collect 'soils' from the local area

sewing up a big canvas by Ikeda's body
For the performance "Action-Textile", threads for sewing up a big canvas are transparent plasitic tubes stuffed 'water' and 'soils'. And a needle is just myself.
What kind of figure will be brought into existence on the big canvas by Ikeda's "Action-Textile"?