Action-Textile in Tokyo Sew-up Blue
Koto Culture Center, Tokyo, Japan
June 7, 1984
A blue sheet (10mX10m) covered the whole floor. It is of a Blue that makes one imagine the uncontaminated blue of the sky or the sea.

First of all, the ends of various colored ropes and tubes, representing sewing thread, are tied onto Ikeda's body. Ichi's vocalization began, and he repeatedly sewed up and down through slits which he had made in the blue sheet.

This action of "Sewing-up Blue" was done from several directions, and the "BLUE" covering the floor started to show the "Visual Message" as a result of sewing actions.
plan of Action -Textile in the Koto Culture Center
This attempt with "BLUE" is a suggestion towards ecological activity against the contamination of the sea and the sky.
Action-Textile in Tokyo TOKYO action- waving road
Tokyo Art Celebration
Epiqurus, Tokyo, Japan May 23, 1985
Ichi making the tear in the giant white cloth and go under the cloth
He is just a needle for sewing up.
On the end of 1984, unluckily I happened to break thighbone of my right leg while ice-skating with my family. As I had been seriously injured, I was oblized to be hospitalized for two months. In this TOKYO action, I did my performance with help of the stick.
Ichi crawl out through another tear with his voice performance Kazuo Nagao, theater critic, wrote:in his review; dynamic transition between optimism and pessimism.
cross-shaped roads lighted up on the sewed-up cloth
Crossing lifted apart from the floor
This looks like a Waving Road.

Ichi sending his message under the lifed crossing


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