A long-range project for transferring "Loads of Water" to the Earth in the future

The most precious resources which we must forward to the people living on the future planet - is water. What sort of water you can load onto the "Arc of Water" for transferring water to the future earth ?.When you are asking to yourself, you must be one of crews who will carry the water from the present to the future.

Imaging the earth in the future, our water planet looks as if oceans which currents are whirling more chaotically than today and our society is supposed to be the ship sailing into this unstable oceans. Think of what kind of ship you will row out towards our future. I myself am just suggesting to prepare the Arcing Ark.


A 1997 project for loading "7 Loads of water for 7 Oceans"

The "Arcing Ark 1997" was developed as a joint-project between two sites with different cultural backgrounds, hoping to create new connection for the future through water. Water from Manosegawa River in Kaseda, South of Japan. And water from Tamsui River in Taipei, North of Taiwan. Kaseda and Taipei locate on the opposite sides, north and south between the islands called the Ryukyu Arc. "Arcing Ark" is named with great hopes; the islands, stretching in an arched row geographically, will create the time-network for the future earth.

Actually between Kaseda and Taipei, the "Arcing Ark 1997" project was realized with interactive relation and 5 installations entitled the Bows of the Arcing Ark were exhibited simultaneously at two sites. And, in order to transfer water to all the seas covering our water planet, Ichi Ikeda created the "7 Loads of Water" for 7 oceans; Arctic, North Pacific, North Atlantic, Indian, South Pacific,South Atlantic and Antarctic Ocean.

"7 Loads of Water for 7 Oceans" from Kaseda & Taipei

Through experiences between Taipei and Kaseda, I am keenly feeling " 7 Loads of Water for 7 Oceans" should be seriously prepared for our future here and there on the earth.
We would appreciate it very much if you could give some information and advice on planning Bow of the Arcing Ark in your immediate circle and have opportunity to talk together about how to realize this important project there.
Please send your comments to waters@ea.mbn.or.jp