Book of Earth
Chiba New Town, Chiba prefecture, Japan
September 1993 - May 1995

Hoping that the rapid development would not bring about "Loss of Earth", I installed my huge work with two facing pages entitled the Book of Earth on the corner of developing area under rapidly changing environment. These "arts for fertilizing the earth"is still lasting .

Standing on 10 meter heights by the side of my installation, we can look down this two facing pages and can read the change of Earth traced on two pages---changes by weather, by four seasons and occasionally by small landslip.

At the construction site of a new town undergoing rapid development, I have installed a giant 'Book of earth', 11m by 8.25m, since September 1993.
For myself as the performance artist, describing about the Earth is equal to dig the hole towards the core of the Earth.
As a writer of this glossary of happenings on Earth, I continue to do actions for 'fertilizing the earth' on the Book of Earth.

Action of digging the hole in pages to spout out energy from the earth. Drawing on the pages with some kinds of fertilizer

Drawing on the pages with some kinds of fertilizer and slaked lime. These "actions of fertilizing the earth" on the Book of Earth is still lasting hoping that the rapid development would not bring about "Loss of Earth".

Like a turbid stream that loses its exit,
people, things and environment jostle each other.
Only the squeaking sound of conflict and differentiation heightens.
From the cities that cling and swarm over a scanty surface of the earth,
could a water spray not arise to evoke a new cycle of time,
bringing squalls to enrich the future?

Through traces of water recorded on the Book of the Earth,
you can read live story of our planet:
that is, story uniting sky, earth and water.

size/ 11 meters by 8.25 meters
medium/ steel, soil, grass, fertilizers, water

Various expressions of the Earth
appear on the 'Book of Earth'
by changes of seasons and weather.