The 2nd Hinoemata Performance Festival
Hinoemata, Fukushima, Japan
August, 1985
Waterıs Dual Nature

Delve into the earth.
Dig into sand by a river. Form a massive cross-shaped trench. Fill it with Blue Water.
The crossing lines point respectively to the north, south, east and west. The linesı point of intersection and center of the cross, is the earth's navel.
Immersed in the bottom of the cross shaped trough is Ichi Ikeda. His clothing has turned blue.
"This blue dyed water is an abstraction which can exist in water or exist in the sky. The self has become a gauge which can measure degrees of purity and contamination. Earth-Up-Mark is the realization of this concept to place a meter at the exact center of the earth. Abandon the flesh in the water. Allow one's true self to take measure."
As the self is immersed in the trough, issues held by the earth rise up to the surface. The opposite actions of ³sink² and ³float² occur simultaneously. From this analogy, Ikeda's 'water logic' is drawn.
"This performance demonstrates that water as a material is dual natured and filled with contradiction. Mere contact with water causes the dual nature bound within human beings to begin to unravel: action and tranquility, optimism and pessimism. A glimpse of reality can be caught within waterıs expanding amplitude."
Commonly known acts of expression have traditionally tried to place a unity and absolute-ness on value. From now on, the demand will shift towards an amplification of value.
"I would like my performance to be remembered as having shown large amplitudes that occur between the birth and the conclusion of mankind. Water holds no bodily form but can metamorphose just as a living thing. Nothing surpasses it as a medium of expression, and eventually, various kinds of expression will be seeped within waterıs dual nature and expanding amplitudes."
Rather than regarding value as an absolute, does not man intrinsically accept its contradictions? Through association with water, solutions will be guided in naturally.
"An era that supports various value systems, not one that levels off and suppresses water's dual nature, will come. In this expanding world we will come to recognize various kinds and differing levels of value. It will be necessary to coexist with contradictory viewpoints."
Earth-Up-Mark can be viewed as the abstraction of coexistence in a world of diverse values.
Water's thinking will lead the next era.

Ichi Ikeda in the cross-shaped water installed on the sands of the Hinoemata river
Ichi Ikeda's performance in the rain
Earth-Up-Mark in UN art calendar
in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations
Selected to one of the "12 artists in the world" who compose the art calendar in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, " The Message: We the people---".
In the art calendar, Ichi Ikeda created his messaged based on 1985's performance entitled "Earth-Up-Mark."

We the peoples are to recall our memories of placesthrough Water which has been circulating all overthe earth, and at the same time, to draw our attention to the fact that our body has also been letting in and out Water for so many generations.
Earth-Up-Mark in the art calendar in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations