Hong Kong Water Market

"Art for the future", and not merely the "future of art", is what concerns Japanese artist Ichi Ikeda.

The 1st Water Market was held in Kaseda last October, altering the actual cattle market into the Water Market. And the 2nd Water Market for supplying the "water for the future" in Hong Kong was set up through combining the former Government Supplies Department (1aspace) and the sea front of the Victoria Harbor.

at the Victoria Harbor between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

This installation exhibition at 1aspace invites the viewers to be 'Water Senders', sending water, one of the Earth's most precious resources, to future generations, regardless of cultural, national or religious differences. Through 'Water Senders', an expanded network is developed for exploring new system in our environment.

Hong Kong Water Market at 1aspace
In case of establishing the Water Market, "Water Senders", who are trying to carry "water" to our future for next generations, are supposed to be one of the most important elements. More than 30 people in Kaseda, Southern city of Japan, have already been registered as the "Water Senders". And the 30 "Water Senders in Hong Kong" was added to them. Photo documentation of Water Senders from Hong Kong and Kaseda is main constituent of the work.
Performance for bringing the water from the Victoria Harbor to the gallery
Ichi preparing for "bar wounded with the cotton" to suck up water in the Victoria Harbor
The connection through 'water' between Japan and Hong Kong will inspire other Asian people with courage for collaborating towards the future. "Water Senders" are expected to function as expanded network for exploring new system in our environment.
participants filtering off the water absorbed by the bar with the cotton

Aiming to improve the contaminated water in the Victoria Harbor, Ichi Ikeda scooped up the water of the sea after getting rid of something contaminated through using the "bar wounded with the cotton". And the water from the sea was filtered by the the cloth bearing the image of the "Flag Boat".

Ichi gatheribg water filtered through the 'Boat Flags'

The water from the Victoria Harbor was brought the HK Water Market at 1aspace and was displayed as a sort of the evidence on the contamination of the sea.

Photo:Tatsuro Kodama

Going back and forth between the HK Water Market and the actual waterfront facing with Victoria Harbor, the viewer becomes a crew of the Water Ark and a member of Water Senders .

The project is co-presented by 1aspace and HKUST Center for the Arts and is sponsored by the Japan Foundation and Shiseido (Japan) Company Ltd. 1a is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.