Toward the 7 oceans, shipping the "7 Loads of Water"
site: "Domikibashi" bridge on Arata River

Found the closer relation between water and the land in "Water Memorizing", passed through the actual process of purification in "Water Purifying", the "WATER" is loaded in "Water Rejuvenating" which was constructed through floating the ruined wooden boat on the water again. The rejuvenated wooden boat; which had passed under water during the typhoon and succeeded in floating with difficulty.

And "Water for the future earth" was distributed among "7 Loads of Water for 7 Oceans" which was put on the rejuvenated wooden boat., hoping to transfer water to all the seas covering our water planet.

Loading "7 Loads of Water for 7 Oceans"
Antarctic Ocean
North Pacific Ocean
North Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
South Pacific Ocean
South Atlantic Ocean
Arctic Ocean