Water Market Project 1998
1998 Cycle Art Gallery Kaseda
Kaseda cty, Kagoshima, JAPAN
Oct. 10- Nov. 1, 1998
New flow running through the city
Water Market 1998

In the Cycle Art Gallery Kaseda 1998, Ichi Ikeda started from gathering people what's called "Water Senders". And next, aiming to create a flow of "Water for the Future", he launched "Water Market Project" in Kaseda for the first time. New flow running through the city;
"Water Hut˛
"Water Market"
˛Water Warehouse"

Water Hut No.010101
Water Market
Water Warehouse
Water Hut No.010102

For launching 1st "Water Market" in Kaseda, Ichi Ikeda started from gathering people who is called "Water Senders".


Let us all be 'Water Senders', sending water, one of the Earth's most precious resources, to all people living in the future regardless of cultural, national or religious differences and disagreements.


Let us all ensure that all containers become 'water carriers' to send water, the resource vital for all future life on Earth, anywhere, anytime.

All "Water Sender", who agree with the above-mentioned proposals, must make efforts to actualize these in daily life in collaboration with other "Water Sender".