Water Transportation from Kawaguchi Water Factory
Kawaguchi Art Factory , Saitama, Japan 2004
Kawaguchi Water Factory
*2004Mar. space-1 of Kawaguchi Art Factory which used to be an iron foundry
* to change the former foundry into water factory for production of 'water for the future'
Kawaguchi Water Factory

I'm suggesting an art project on "Water for the Future" as an Eco-artist using chiefly water, one of our most precious resources. "80 liters of water" implies "wateras Basic Human Right, " and is the minimum ration needed to support the daily life of each person living on the Earth.
Imagine life in 2025 AD when 48 countries on the Earth are predicted to suffer from water shortages, If you do so, I can present an opportunity for you to grasp an ordinary space as an "80,000 Liter Water Box" storing water for 1,000 people living in the future world. Visit the "80,000 Liter Water Box" created at what we'll call Kawaguchi Water Factory. The "80,000 Liter Water Box" invites viewers to be "Water Senders" forwarding "Water for the Future" beyond conflicts originating from differences between cultures, nations and religions.

80,000 liters Water Boxes

The water transportation project, <80,000 Liter Water Box> was developed at the Kawaguchi Art Factory to distribute water to people who are struggling to keep up with worldwide cycles of water circulation. 80,000 liters of water is the amount necessary to support the lives of 1,000 people on a typical day. The Water Box for 1,000 people looks as if it is emerging from the part of the building that I named the "Kawaguchi Water Factory". It appears to be beginning its journey by chewing its way out of the Kawaguchi Art Factory. The Water Box bulges out from the factory for 30 cm to the right and 130 cm to the front. This distance shows the strong will of the artist to fill the gap between real society and artistic expression.

The Box, which is already on the move to other places, might suddenly straddle the Shibakawa River running through the center of Kawaguchi. The Box is targeted to move to the 48 countries that are predicted to suffer from severe water shortages by 2025.

transfer 80,000 liters Water Box towards 2025 A.D
*2004May-June space-1 of Kawaguchi Art Factory which used to be an iron foundry to transfer 80,000 liters Water Box towards 2025 A.D
Review on 80,000 Liter Water Box
Koizumi Shinya
Art Critic/Professor, Ibaraki Universit

Ikeda Ichi started his art career after majoring in high polymer chemistry in engineering school. He may be said to be an artist/alchemist who turned his back on the transmutative power of fire fearing that modern science was eradicating the holiness of nature. Instead of fire, he has chosen water as his medium, Water has always played a symbolic role, imparting a feeling of holiness in the transmutation of human souls through rituals such as Kanjyo (the Buddhist initiation) and Christian Baptism as "aqua permanens", the origin and destination of all nature. Also, water has a dual character like fire, the power to be both savior and destroyer. In <80,000 Liter Water Box>, Ikeda reversed the story of Noahıs ark which tried to save the species from water as destroyer to show the ironic 21st century situation in which water itself now need to be saved. He contained water in the box to transmute it to his work in a portion of the Kawaguchi Art Factory site. This activity to reconsecrate the role of water ran there for three months. An average person needs 80 liters of water a day to survive. The amount of water needed for 1000 people to live for one day was contained in the box. Forty-eight taps were attached to the sides of the box for the 48 countries predicted to face severe water shortages 20 years from now. Ikeda was appealing to us to be careful so we wonıt have to open the taps.
(extract from the catalogue "Between Eco and Ego")

48 countries projected to suffer from water shortage on 2025 A.D.
Afghanistan / Algeria / Bahrain / Barbados / Belgium
Burkina Faso / Burundi / Cape Verde / Comoros / Cyprus
Egypt / Eritrea / Ethiopia / Ghana / Haiti / India / Iran
Israel / Jordan / Kenya / Kuwait / Lebanon / Lesotho / Libya
Malawi / Malta / Mauritius / Morocco / Niger / Nigeria
Oman / Peru / Poland / Qatar / Rwanda / Saudi Arabia
Singapore / Somali / South Africa / Korea / Tanzania / Togo
Tunisia /Uganda / United Arab Emirates / United Kingdom
Yemen /Zimbabwe