Water Ark/Water Market

Outdoor Exhibition / Lawn square in front of CCP
in collaboration with Noell El Farol

Seven kinds of "Water Ark" having each characteristic appearance are installed on the lawn, as if facing to the yacht harbor in the Manila Bay.

Seeing the "Water Ark" more closely, you can find the following message there:

Let us all ensure that all containers become 'water carriers' to send water, the resource vital for all future life on Earth, anywhere, anytime.

Hoping to create new collaborative relationship between Japan and the Philippines, Ichi Ikeda collaborate with Noell El Farol/ Filipino artist.

Photo:Tatsuro Kodama

Performance by Ichi Ikeda was to create packs of the "activated water" in the "Water Ark Harbor" and to move them into the Manila Bay, hoping that viewers recognize the necessity of improving the contaminated water in the Water Bay.

Manila/ CCP

Water Ark Harbor