Republic of Water Senders
Indoor Exhibition at the CCP Little Theater Lobby
Kaseda/ Hong Kong/ Manila Joint Project
Saturday, 13 March- Tuesday, 13 April, 199

On the whole wall of the lobby, Ichi Ikeda exhibit his mixed-media installation entitled the "Republic of Water Senders". As one of the most important parts in the installation, Ichi Ikeda display photos of what we call "Water Senders" who are trying to carry "water" to our future for next generations.

Photos of more than 90 Water Senders from Kaseda & Hong Kong & Manila

Water Senders are combinrd into wholeness through image of water and they looks as if they were a growing big tree. Republic of Water Senders!

Your Water for the North
Your Water for the East
Your water for the West
Your water for the South

Filipino child looking at the snining message in the babbling water