working as one of crews who will carry the water
site:The Bamboo Curtain Studio
At the center of the 8th Port, the huge work "Water Ascending" was installed between the greenland and the Tamsui river with a length of about 100 meters. Water Ascending consisted mainly of seven big loads of water (1.2 meters cube) studding in the greenland and these loads of water was pulled up through ropes towards the tower standing on the hill as if water in the seven loads ascending from the ground level and being just about to take on cargo in this port. That is why this Taipei-Bow is called Water Ascending.

People picked up water from their favorite place and brought water to the 8th Port and poured it into each of the "7 Loads of Water for 7 oceans", hoping that it might be useful for creating the Future Water.

Constantly our earth is breathing with 7 Oceans:
Antarctic Ocean, North Pacific Ocean, South Pacific ocean, Indian Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean.
When you are standing in the riverside which is flowing into 7 Oceans, you have to talk to yourself: What kind of water can we carry on the Arcing Ark for 7 Oceans?