Arcing Ark 1997

for loading and carrying " water" essential for our earth in the future

Taipei-Bow/ Tamsui River

Tamsui River is flowing through the Taipei city into East China Sea. Several sites located along the Tamsui River used to be prosperous ports for trading with foreign countries. But through rapid development of transportation and changes of river flow by pile of sand and gravel, these ports had got to decline gradually.

Ikeda investigated seven old ports along the Tamsui River ( through his special investigation called "Waterwatching") and he scooped up each water from seven old ports. Seven kinds of water from the river were used as fundamental materials for creating "7 Loads of Water" on the Taipei-Bow of the Arcing Ark.

Ikeda really installed two Taipei-Bows of the Arcing Ark,"Water Circulating" & "Water Ascending", in the exhibition "River: New Asian Art - A Dialogue in Taipei."

The United Waters 
(list of rivers flowing over the world)

Taipei Country Cultural Center

Exhibition:River: New Asian Art-A Dialogue in Taipei
October 4th to November 2nd, 1997
Reception: October 4th, 1997
Performance by Ichi Ikeda October 4th, 1997
Symposium: October 7th and 8th, 1997
答Taipei Country Cultural Center
答Tamsui River
答Dimension Endowment of Art Gallery
答I.T.Park Gallery
答The Bamboo Curtain Studio
答Vu Dan Tan (Vietnam)答Montien Boonma (Thailand)
答Sid Gomez Hildawa (Philippines)答Ichi Ikeda (Japan)
答Choi Yan-Chi (Hong Kong)答Yu Yat-Yiu (Hong Kong)
答Chen Chi-Cheng (Taiwan)答Tao Ya-Lun (Taiwan)
答Chi Ti-Nan (Taiwan)答Lin Han-Ting (Taiwan)
答Wang Wen-Chi (Taiwan)答Ruby Lin (Taiwan)
答Ku Shih-Yung (Taiwan)答Lin Hui-Hsiu (Taiwan)
答Lin Shih Tung, Chou Cheng Liang, Lu Pei Lin (Taiwan)
Organized by Taipei Country Cultural Center/ Dimension Endowment of Art/ Asia Edge (Japan)/ Zuni Icosahedron (Hong Kong)
Collaborated with I.T.Park Gallery/ The Bamboo Curtain Studio
Supported by Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan, Taiwan/ Taipei Country Government/ Asian Cultural Council/ Interchange Association/ SHISEIDO CO., LTD.