imaging "Future Water" through the river water in your hands
site: Taipei Country Cultural Center
gathering waters from 7 old ports along the Tamsui River and dividing these water into 7 loads for 7 Oceans

Tamsui River is flowing through the Taipei city into East China Sea. Several sites located along the Tamsui River used to be prosperous ports for trading with foreign countries. But through rapid development of transportation and changes of river flow by pile of sand and gravel, these ports had got to decline gradually.

Ikeda investigated seven old ports along the Tamsui River ( through his special investigation called "Waterwatching") and he scooped up each water from seven old ports. Seven kinds of water from the river were used as fundamental materials for creating "7 Loads of Water" on the Taipei-Bow of the Arcing Ark.

At the courtyard of the Taipei Country Culture Center, Taipei-Bow entitled the Water Circulating was constructed as a structure with the "7 Loads of Water for 7 Oceans" in a boat-shaped installation. Seven kinds of water from seven old ports was poured into the boat-shaped installation in turn. These actions remind people of changes which the Tamsui River has suffered with development of people's life. And then water in the Water Circulating was mixed up and was poured into "7 Loads" bearing each labels of "Bound for 7 Oceans" in cooperation with audience who participated in these actions voluntarily.

Next morning this Taipei-Bow with "7 Loads of Water for 7 Oceans" was transferred to the greenland along the Tamsui River. This greenland is a new port for transferring "Loads of Water" through the river to the oceans and this new port is called familiarly the "8th Port" following the seven old ports. Goods for trades in the 8th Port are only water for people living on the future earth.

When you are touching the Tamsui River by your hands, you must realize this water of the Tamsui river in your hands are still now flowing into 7 Oceans in the future.

River: New Asian Art-A Dialogue in Taipei
October 4th to November 2nd, 1997
Reception: October 4th, 1997
Performance by Ichi Ikeda October 4th, 1997
Symposium: October 7th and 8th, 1997
Taipei Country Cultural Center
Tamsui River
Dimension Endowment of Art Gallery
I.T.Park Gallery
The Bamboo Curtain Studio
Vu Dan Tan (Vietnam)   Montien Boonma (Thailand)
Sid Gomez Hildawa (Philippines)   Ichi Ikeda (Japan)
Choi Yan-Chi (Hong Kong)   Yu Yat-Yiu (Hong Kong)
Chen Chi-Cheng (Taiwan)   Tao Ya-Lun (Taiwan)
Chi Ti-Nan (Taiwan)   Lin Han-Ting (Taiwan)
Wang Wen-Chi (Taiwan)   Ruby Lin (Taiwan)
Ku Shih-Yung (Taiwan)   Lin Hui-Hsiu (Taiwan)
Lin Shih Tung, Chou Cheng Liang, Lu Pei Lin (Taiwan)
Organized by Taipei Country Cultural Center/ Dimension Endowment of Art/ Asia Edge (Japan)/ Zuni Icosahedron (Hong Kong)
Collaborated with I.T.Park Gallery/ The Bamboo Curtain Studio
Supported by Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan, Taiwan/ Taipei Country Government/ Asian Cultural Council/ Interchange Association/ SHISEIDO CO., LTD.