Water Mirror in New York
Franklin Furnace, New York, U.S.A.
Oct. 14, 15, 21, 22, 1988
What is going to be liverated from here now ?
Drawing Water from the Rivers
Project of collecting water in Manhatten.
We tried to draw water from Hudson River
By hanging down the bottle tied with long string
From the high bank onto the river surface
And then pulling up the bottle filled with water.
It may be called │Water Fishing▓.
The blue sky is over head,
But the dirty trashes under feet.
Water drawn from Hudson River was pretty impure.
No Dumping

In the foot of the bridge over East River,
We planned to take water into the container.
My American friend complained,
"The bare thought of packing in N.Y. irritates me!"
And he proposed,
"Why don╣t you carry water with a pushcart? "
We agreed to his plan,
And we dragged the pushcart loaded with water
Through Lower East, along Delancy St.,
And in the subway
Bump Bump Thump Thump

I am merely drawing this out,
letting water be itself.
New York, The city with muti-culture yet little squeakly sound - that is because two opposite movements of creation and cessation are simultaneously going on -is the city full of "Water Thought".
This city sprays up tremendous amount of memory concentrating the relationship between "men, things and environment"
- from clefts, chasms, and wind-halls.
The Water Mirror was installed almost over the floor of the basement, and water in this installation was entirely dyed in ultramarine blue. The whole walls was repainted from black to white, which would reflect the shadows of the ripples clearly. Those transformation will help the audience in having such impression that it seems as a very deep swamp lied there. You╣ll gather around the Water Mirror and gaze the shadows of the ceiling reflected in the Water Mirror.Top and bottom of the space become reversed.

Talk with Martha Wilson
founder /director of Franklin Furnace

Ichi: Since the late sixties, in my case, my activities have been in both theatre and art, and somehow, I never felt comfortable with the separation. Both areas had limitation, that drama was, after all, only drama, and art was only art. I had strong feelings at the bottom of my consciousness, that unless these two areas werw combined, I could never respond to the enormous demands of the times. At that time, I had no idea of how any joint or linkage would be possible. It just happened that Performances had the potential of turning these limitations into possibilities. Therefore, whenever I use the word "Performance", I am beyond conventipnal barriers, and dealing with limitlessly huge possibilities of linking and combinations.
Martha: Yes, I like that idea! Painting-not enough sometimes. Short of something.
Ichi: Theatre is short too, of something.
Martha: Yes. Performance is, to me, a transformation for the artist, not for the audience. Theatre is, for me, transformation for the audience, not for the actor. Very different. In a way, you don't care if we are transformed, because you are the artist and it's not the goal. The goal of the Performance is first, for your own goals, and second, for the audience. Personal transformation is interesting. I this true for you, Ichi?
Ichi: Well, not entirely, and the fact that this is notcompletely true is interesting to me. I feel as though I am, as though I have within me a lot of others. The more I concentrate on what I need to do, I feel as though I am carrying more and more people on my back. This is more than an artist-audience relationship. This is something much more open.
(extract from Talk in Franklin Furnace)

Hitting water. Blowing on water. Stroking water. Mixing up water
Crossing over
See the walls surrounding around you, Where some of my past come to life
My past performances in water, with water, on water

by Kyo Hoshino
organizer/director of performance arts

┼@ Water is in a sense a very basic and very lasting substance. Water has always existed where man and nature meet. Water has been the object of scientific or historical studies. Ichi's Performances use water of a local river nearby, and when you come to think of it, this is a Performance using quite a material. The artist have to fight to hold his/her own against
In a Performance, as Ichi says, water is uncontrollable, unmanageable, and Ichi has responded to this in a very frank and easy manner. I think that, in the end, his manner of response was very good. This was not a heavy, blunt performance, killing and controlling water, making the conceptual meaning related to water obey Ichi threw himself into the simple but very subtle fact that waves spreading on water, or water surface reflect light dramatically. This was not man actively working with water, but man nestling close to water, letting water be itself and caring about what is born from the characteristics of water. Ichi probably learned from the Performance, and of course, the au-
dience had a lot to discover as well. Ichi's Performance seemed to have an added sense of │liveness▓ that was not there before.
We cannot but look forward to his future Performances.
audience around the Water Mirror reflecting the ceiling
of the performance space
Water Room
Water, get excited. Water, vibrate itself.
And gradually the water level get higher.
Now listen. Here is to you.
The Water Room await next visitor.