Linkage for Water Ascending

Osaka 1996
The Democratic Garden

Index Gallery, Osaka, Japan
March 8- 28, 1996

Waterhenge:Osaka can activate the image of water through lincage among the three parts of installation:
part(1): disk-shaped tank with blue water
part(2): stand with cylindar-shaped hole (top filled with blue water)
part(3): disk on the wall with water

Suddenly the "Blue Water" in the disc-shaped tank bubbles subtlely .
It looks like water breathes deeply.
Water's sigh with relief rises
through the tunnel of the stand towards the disc on the wall.

Water ascending towards the circle connecting with the natural water springing in Osaka

----waterhenge with deep breathing of water-----

size/ diameter:8 meters depth/ 0.5 meters
medium/ canvases, copper plates, vinyl chloride sheets, water(river & rain)