Waving Surface
"Art Project '88 in Iwakuni"
Nishiki River & Kintai Bridge, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi
Nishiki River and Kintai Bridge looked down from the hilltop

A 50m by 5m wide 'V' shape was excavated in a dry bank of the Nishiki River. Canvas, interspersed with perforations, was laid over the earth bottom and river water pumped into the form.
A 'water brush' (high pressure firemanıs hose) was inserted into the water and through the canvas bringing forth a rushing undulation of soil upon its each contact with the earthıs crust.
The numerous torrents were imprinted and recorded on the white canvas, creating 'Waving Surface'.

The subjects nearest to the self: water, earth,and I-myself, I layered one on the top of the other in the river bank 'Earth Surface'.
special article in the Ichi Ikeda Art News "TRANSFORMATIVE"
performance by "Water Brush"
Where to face? Where to step?

Time speaks. People come to their feet.
Each person radiates a unique cosmos.
In what directions
shall the points of these worlds go?
The era of "hand"
settles the problem of what to create.
The present era of "foot"
is challenged with the questions of
where to face,
where to step.
Now the whole issue of art has been
thrown at one's feet.
The overflowing spill creates
the current of art " TRANSFORMATIVE"

Ichi Ikeda at the center drawing water of the river into triangular water pool at the center
Size/ 50mX5m d:50cm
Materials/ gravel, water, canvas, polyvinyl chloride tube
high pressure fireman's hose
Ichi Ikeda drawing his image of the Earth
with the 'Water Brush' on the 50mĊ~5m canvas

Ichi Ikeda invite you to visit the "Waving Surface" left along the Nishiki River, hoping
to recognize new current between human being and natural environment.