Artist book / Newspaper / Catalogue

An Ichi Ikeda¹s magazine aiming to warn against ³a flood of objects² accelerated by modern material civilization and to advocate importance of ³Post-Object Culture².

B5size 158pages published by G-day Plan 1982 (Japanese)


³P.M.² implies ³Primary Media² or ³Performance Magazine². P.M.2 introdeces mainly lots of performances developed in G-day PLAN.

B5size 198pages published by G-day PLA 1984 (Japanese)


A booklet collecting representative pieces among Ichi Ikeda¹s performance; namely, Water Piano, Mud Soup, Action Textile andso on.

Limited edition. B5size 32 pages published be Ichi Ikeda 1986

Water Mirror

An artist book of documentation on Water Mirror project 1987 which Ichi Ikeda installed at the front yard and the courtyard in the Okurayama Memorial Hall, Yokohama, Japan. This artwork created the origin for developing Water Mirror at several sites. A4size 42pages published by G-day PLAN 1988

Water Diary in New York

An Ichi Ikeda¹s artist book of documentation on New York Water Mirror 1988 held in Franklin Furnace which keeps still playing an active part of alternative art movements in the world. It includes his performance using water from the Hudson river and East river. A4size 48pages published by G-day PLAN 1989

Floating Earth

An documentary artist book of Ichi Ikeda¹s installation and performance in the 21th International Biennial of Sao Paulo, Brazil. His art work ³Floating Earth², entrusted with presentation on the most important site in the Biennial, created sensations in Brazil just before the Earth Summit. A4size 58pasges puiblished by G-day PLAN 1992

An artist book of 1997-1999 documentation on Arcing Ark project expanding towards several sites in East Asia and Southeast Asia; that is, Kagoshima, Okinawa, Taipei, Hong Kong, Manila and more. This artist book is evaluated highly as presentation of ³Art for the Future². A4size 104pages published by G-day PLAN 1999
1999 Manosegawa River Art

A Ichi Ikeda¹s catalogue of Water Ekiden in the Manosegawa River Art Project, Kagoshima, south of Japan, which developed epoch-makingly by uniting four communities located along the river. B5size 20pages published by Manosegawa River Art Project Executive Committee 1999

Waterr/Art Lesson
A reduced-size edition of Ichi Ikeda¹s text for WaterArt Lesson consisting of his water diary written everyday during one month of the Manosegawa River Art Project 2000. The original edition was laminated for waterproofing and was exhibited along the riverside.
B5size 30pages published by Tatsuro Design World 2000
Water's-Eye 2002
A handmade artist book combining Ichi Ikeda¹s water diary and photos of ³Indonesian Waters² during the tour for ³Water¹s-Eye² project in Indonesia. Booklet-styled edition and the bellows-typed edition.
Photos by Tatsuro Kodama
16.5cm square 30pages published by Ichi Ikeda Art Project 2002
Lake Sagamiko Menu of First

An special artist book produced as a menu of the First Supper for Water Senders. It was edited from documentation on Ichi Ikeda¹s exhibition ³The first Supper for Water Senders² held in the resource of water supply. Limited editions. 28pages published by Lake Sagamiko Cultural Communication Center 2002

contents: documentation on ³Waving Surface² installed along the Nisiki River, Japan, and ³Earth Drawing² produced along the Han Kang River, Korea

A2size 4pages published by G-day PLA 1990


contents: documentation on a series of ³Water Mirror² installed Yokohama, New York and so on. Report on ³Blue Flag & Code² developed in the ³REJUVENATION from the East: Japan-Korea 1996² exhibition

A2size 4pages published by G-day PLA 1991


contents: introduction of Ichi Ikeda¹s representative WaterArt projects realized by 1991 . Documentation on ³Floating Earth² in the 21th International Biennial of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A2size 4pages published by G-day PLA 1990

The WaterArt Times

A newspaper on ³WaterArt² featuring Ichi Ikeda was published for the Taipei Public Art Festival 2002 by Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taipei. It carries his public art project for the festival, recent WaterArt documentation and presentation for the future. A3size 6pages published by Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taipei 2002

East: Japan-Korea 1990

A catalogue of 1990 Tokyo exhibition in [Seoul-Tokyo-New York] Art Project which was organized by Ichi Ikeda Art Project and was realized as ³Eight Individuals from East² exhibition.

28pages published by [Seoul-Tokyo-New York] Art Project 1990
Art Net News 'ASIA EDGE'

A booklet of Tokyo Program 1996 of the Asia Edge which Ichi Ikeda organized for networking cutting-edge artists in Asia-Pacific region. This contaims installation exhibition, performance, video showing and symposium.
B5size 48pages published by Asia Edge Project 1996

Water Piano- Blue Hands
beyond the contamination

A documentary video of Ichi Ikeda¹s performance ³Water Piano² performed in the water tank which has been getting contaminated gradually.

2 Facing Pages on the Earth

A video work recording changes marked on the two facing pages of Book of the Earth which Ichi Ikeda installed at the construction site transforming under rapid development

VHS 11 min. 1995

Tokyo Water Station

The first video work of the Water Ekiden project bringing ³Water for the Future² with Ichi Ikeda to various sites in Tokyo.

VHS 15 mins. 2000


A video of Ich Ikeda¹s journey walking along/in the Tamagawa River flowing west of Tokyo. This journey proceed from the month of river to the riverhead and turn back from the riverhead to the mouth of river.

VHS 32 mins. 1997

Bangkok Water Station

A Bangkok version of the Water Ekiden for transforming several spots in Bangkok into the Water Station. Through producing this video, about 40 Thai people participated in the ³Water Senders Movement².

VHS 19 mins. 2001